About Us

“Picturesque Japan” is a website owned by Office NEKO. Here are our staff members.

CEO: Cat Exploration Officer

Kumi: Your guide/photographer

  • The world’s happiest licensed tour guide
  • Learned photography at International Center of Photography in NYC
  • Lived in New York (actually in Hoboken) on and off for six years
  • Visited approx. 35 countries
    (Scotland, England, Italy, Vatican City, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Monaco, Austria, Greece, Luxembourg, Spain, Morocco, Portugal, USA, Denmark, Sweden, Hong Kong, Malta, Thailand, Australia, New Caledonia, Korea, Mexico, Canada, Turkey, San Marino, Russia, Estonia, Finland, and Singapore)
  • Drove through Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles
  • Loves animals especially cats
  • Crazy about ramen!
  • IT & research specialist
  • Always exploring in and around Tokyo and finding something fun