How to fix backlit photos

Hello, travelers. This is Kumi. Let me show you a technique to fix backlit photos.

On a sunny day, it’s sometimes difficult to take good photos because of too much contrast. In that case, you could fix your photos on your phones later.

(*If you are not iPhone users, you could find similar photo editing function on your phones.)

First, please tap “Edit.”

Tap this icon.

Tap “Light.”

Then expand the “LIGHT” menu.

Tap “Shadows.”

Slide the bar till the faces look bright enough.

Now, tap “Highlights.”

 Slide the bar till the outside looks clearer.

Then, tap “Contrast.”

Slide the bar to adjust the contrast (if necessary).

Don’t forget to tap “Done” to save the changes. 

*If you use digital cameras and take photos indoor and the window is behind you, you could use “fill-in flash” (The flash fires regardless of the light conditions).

Have a happy photo life!! 🙂

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