How to enjoy cat cafes

Hello, travelers. This is Kumi. Let me tell you how to enjoy cat cafes.

Are you crazy about cats and wish to visit a cat cafe in Tokyo? You should definitely do it! The system is super easy! Let me talk about my recent experiences at the franchise cat cafe called “Mocha.”

You can hang out with cats for 10 minutes for 200 yen (*30 minutes minimum, but I’m sure you want to stay more!)

As of July 19, 2017, Mocha has six shops in Tokyo (Shibuya, Harajuku(2), Ikebukuro(2), and Akihabara) and one in Osaka.

I visited Mocha in Shibuya in April. The Shibuya shop is a bit like a secret place. You can easily miss this signboard. Once you find this sign, take the elevator to the 8th floor.

At the reception, they give you a key to a locker. You can leave your bags etc., and you can come back here to open the locker whenever you need during your stay.

Then take off your shoes and put on well-sanitized slippers they offer.

Now it’s time to communicate with cats! In what language? Don’t worry! The cats do understand English because they always have a lot of non-Japanese visitors. Many of the human staff members also seem to speak English. This is my friend, David, talking to a cat in English.

It seemed she understood him.

When you check out, please go to the reception and give the staff member your key. They’ll calculate and tell you the price. They do NOT accept credit cards.

Please return the slippers onto one of the sanitizing boxes.

At the end of June, I had another chance to visit Mocha. This time, I visited the one in Akihabara.

The system is the same, and the atmosphere is quite similar.

It happened to be at their lunch time!

Warning: It’s very easy to lose your sense of time here, so if you need to go somewhere at a certain time, don’t forget to set your alarm clock!

*Please feel free to comment below with other experiences or information! Also, if you find any errors in content or grammar, please let me know.

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